Nurturing Tradition, Amplifying Impact

The community impact of The Greater Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation (GVCF) is profound and far-reaching. Through its dedicated mission of creating a tradition of charitable giving, GVCF has become a catalyst for positive change in the Greenbrier Valley. By actively accepting contributions, managing funds, and strategically distributing charitable resources, the foundation addresses the diverse needs of the community. From supporting educational initiatives to enhancing healthcare services, cultural enrichment, and social welfare, GVCF's impact resonates across various sectors. The transparent and accountable approach ensures that the community experiences tangible benefits, ultimately elevating the overall quality of life. GVCF's enduring commitment to fostering a tradition of giving creates a ripple effect, leaving a lasting legacy of positive transformation in the Greater Greenbrier Valley.

Community projects like The Women's Fund and the Family Activity Center in White Sulphur Springs are the primary community funds held by the Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation. Our goal is to invest in our community and make the Greenbrier Valley a prosperous place for all. Check out more information on GVCF's primary funds below.

Become a Community Champion Today

In addition to establishing a fund, gifts can be made to any existing fund.  The Community Foundation accepts both outright and deferred gifts in many forms including cash, checks, publicly traded securities, real estate, and bequests.  Donations can also be made via Stripe on the “Donate” page. GVCF acknowledges all donations for tax purposes.  It also sends acknowledgments to family members when memorial gifts are made.

© 2024 Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation. All Rights Reserved.