Fostering Tradition, Driving Impact

At The Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation (GVCF), our commitment to fulfilling our mission is reflected in our strategic approach. We foster a tradition of charitable giving by actively engaging with our community and welcoming diverse contributions from individuals and businesses. Rigorous fund management is at the core of our operations, ensuring that entrusted assets are handled by skilled professionals. With a meticulous focus on financial stewardship, we manage funds to generate impactful charitable distributions. By embracing transparency and accountability, we provide a platform for philanthropy that enhances the overall quality of life for the people of the Greenbrier Valley. Through this collaborative and purposeful "how we do it" framework, GVCF continues to be a driving force in creating positive and lasting community impact.

How Does it Work?

Funds can be created with a minimum gift and built over a five-year period or started immediately with a $10,000.00 donation. The principal of each fund is invested with trustee banks to produce distributable income. After a year’s incubation period, the fund will begin to make distributions to selected nonprofit organizations. The foundation’s goal is to distribute 5% each year; however, distributions cannot invade historic gift value (principal). Scholarship awards are mailed directly to the students’ schools.

How else can I give?

In addition to establishing a fund, gifts can be made to any existing fund.  The Community Foundation accepts both outright and deferred gifts in many forms including cash, checks, publicly traded securities, real estate, and bequests.  Donations can also be made via Stripe on the “Donate” page. GVCF acknowledges all donations for tax purposes.  It also sends acknowledgments to family members when memorial gifts are made.

© 2024 Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation. All Rights Reserved.