Empowering Progress, Enriching Lives

The Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation's Grant Program stands as a cornerstone for community enrichment and positive impact. This program provides crucial financial support to a diverse array of initiatives aimed at fostering development, addressing community needs, and promoting positive change. Open to a broad spectrum of organizations, the grant program caters to various sectors, including education, healthcare, cultural enrichment, and social welfare. By offering financial assistance, the program empowers organizations to implement projects and programs that contribute significantly to the overall well-being and resilience of the Greenbrier Valley. Through its commitment to inclusivity and community betterment, the GVCF Grant Program plays a pivotal role in nurturing a thriving and resilient community.

Become a Grant Donor Today

In addition to establishing a fund, gifts can be made to any existing fund. The Community Foundation accepts both outright and deferred gifts in many forms including cash, checks, publicly traded securities, real estate, and bequests. Donations can also be made via Stripe on the “Donate” page. GVCF acknowledges all donations for tax purposes. It also sends acknowledgments to family members when memorial gifts are made.

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