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The Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation (GVCF) is dedicated to fostering educational opportunities for all Greenbrier Valley students, regardless of their educational background. Embracing inclusivity, GVCF welcomes applications from public, private, parochial, and home-schooled students. The scholarship application serves as the gateway to a multitude of opportunities, encompassing all scholarships offered by GVCF, a majority of scholarships available in the tri-county region, and the esteemed State Fair of West Virginia Scholarship. This inclusive approach ensures that students throughout the Greenbrier Valley have access to a comprehensive range of scholarship opportunities, supporting their pursuit of academic excellence and future success.

Submission Deadline

March 15

Become a Scholarship Donor

Becoming a donor for a scholarship fund with the Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation (GVCF) is a transformative and straightforward process. Your philanthropic journey begins by expressing your interest and engaging with GVCF to discuss your vision and objectives. Whether you aspire to support specific educational fields, honor a loved one, or contribute to community growth, GVCF collaborates with you to tailor a meaningful scholarship fund. From determining eligibility criteria to establishing fund parameters, the foundation ensures that your philanthropic goals align seamlessly with the impact you wish to make. By becoming a donor, you not only invest in the educational aspirations of deserving students but also leave a lasting legacy that shapes the future of the Greenbrier Valley community. Your generosity through scholarship donations serves as a beacon of opportunity, opening doors for students and fostering a legacy of positive change.

© 2024 Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation. All Rights Reserved.